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Dewitt Lee III - Bio

Dewitt Lee III, was born in Toronto at Womens College and now he has come full circle.

Dewitt Lee has been educated across N. America and has had the privilege to call more than one city, home.  His travels has given him the worldly perspective needed to run a World City.  He's college educated and street wise, a combination needed to deal with all walks of life. With a heart for the people and a Christian committed lifestyle, Dewitt Lee has the unique combination of Vision and Values that will bring integrity and innovation back to City Hall.

The Mayor's responsibility is identical to an C.E.O.'s and everyone knows the best C.E.O.'s are the ones that knows what it's like to start from the bottom and work his way up. In 2003, Dewitt embarked on his journey back to Toronto to pursue his dream of success in the publishing industry. In N.Y., Dewitt received several award nominations for the Buffalo Emerging Technology Awards for his interactive magazine, ETHOS Interactive Magazine. The success spurred Dewitt to take his talent and technology back home to Toronto.  Armed with only a prototype of his interactive magazine, within 2 weeks, he located a manufacturer and had a team in place selling the magazine wholesale and on the consumer level. Although he found a way to produce the product and created a distribution model he didn't have a place to sleep and on many nights spent under the stars on benches on the waterfront and on board 24hr. blue light TTC buses. 


After weeks of being persistent and persuasive his business was accepted into a business incubator downtown Toronto. This provided the base needed for the company to flourish and launched the music and fashion magazine, The Concrete Chronicles.

In many circles across the music and fashion sector, the Concrete Chronicles CDRom magazine has been a mainstay in the industry and by working in these areas, Dewitt has built a reputation for being hard working, innovative and  a leader. Dewitt's experience working along side Toronto's brightest local music and fashion artists has given him an unique perspective on what makes Toronto so special. 

Along with being a pioneer in multi- media, Dewitt has worked in other realms of media as a Director at a radio station, V.P. for an Internet start up, producer of T.V. program and movie director.  This overall media experience has given Dewitt an uncanny sense of media and marketing that will provide useful in marketing Toronto to the world and communicating to the citizens of the city.

Dewitt's accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior and was baptized in Toronto as a member of Gospel Light Tabernacle Church of God. This lifestyle change resulted in the launch of a new business, God's L.A.W. which produces christian clothes, events and music. For over the last year Dewitt has worked in the Church community with the City Mission, sharing his testimony of being homeless and now a candidate for Mayor for the city of Toronto.

Life experiences have given Dewitt Lee an appreciation for opportunity and a understanding of struggle and as Mayor he will be sympathetic to the needs of the people and systematic to getting things done.     


After Witnessing History in Washington D.C., Dewitt's life began to curve into the realm of politicis. Although very busy with his company the city of Toronto's condition was always an concern and life as a public servant took form.  Although it wasn't a political office, every opportunity Dewitt got to help his fellow Torontoian he did, especially the ones who needed help the most.  Because he experienced 1st hand what it's like to live without, he began spending time at the city mission helping the homeless, reminding them that situation isn't permanent and that they need to use this time wisely to map out their life and seek God's direction.

Today, Dewitt still gives to his Brothers in the city mission in Both Buffalo and here in Toronto.